Capital Improvements

Your money at work on water, sewer and fire projects!

Funding for capital improvement projects comes from water and sewer revenue, District taxes and assessments.  Read more about funding of District operations in the April 2016 newsletter.

Water System Study

The District is committed to ensuring an adequate supply of clean, safe water to all its customers. Engineers from The Wallace Group completed a study of water system infrastructure to determine future needs, prioritization and timing of potential upgrades and scheduled replacements.  The Board of Directors approved the final report at their workshop on February 5, 2016.

Review the Final Hydraulic Model and Distribution System Capacity Study.
View the video replay of the February 5, 2016 Workshop Session.

At the March 23, 2016 Regular Meeting, the Board of Directors discussed funding possibilities for the improvements recommended by the engineers.

View the DRAFT Water System CIP Timeline and Funding document.
Watch the video replay from the March 23, 2016 meeting.


Ammonia Feed System

Chloramines are a mixture of chlorine and ammonia used to disinfect water. This mixture sustains a longer chlorine residual than using chlorine alone, which means the water stays disinfected for a longer period of time. At this time the chloramines come from the water purchased from Fort Worth and the District just adds chlorine to boost the residual.  For more information about chloramines please see the Water page.

The District has received approval from the Town to proceed with the project. The engineers are awaiting final approval from TCEQ and plan to move forward immediately upon receipt.


Water Line Upgrade Project – Pebble Beach Drive, Timberline Court and Pin Oak Court

In conjunction with Town of Trophy Club street improvements, the District is replacing and upgrading the water mains and service lines on Pebble Beach Drive (north of Indian Creek), Timberline Court and Pin Oak Court.

Engineers from Teague, Nall and Perkins held a Town Hall meeting on June 8, 2015 to inform residents of the project details and address any concerns.  Work on Pebble Beach Drive started June 2015 with an estimated completion date of December 24, 2015.  The Timberline and Pin Oak estimated start date is January 2016 with an estimated completion of October 2016.

All new lines are installed and in service.  Staff is waiting on the contractor to finish up the punch list to complete the project.

For questions regarding the water or sewer portion of this project please contact Water Superintendent Mike McMahon at 682-831-4689.  For questions regarding the street improvements please contact Town of Trophy Club Director of Street Services Ed Helton at 682-831-4614.


Water Line Relocation – Campus Circle

The developer is funding the relocation of a water line to accommodate a parking garage in the Campus Circle area.  All new lines are installed and are in service.  The contractor is waiting for the final grading to be done when the parking garage is completed to install valve and hydrant pads.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

The reconstruction and modification of the District’s wastewater treatment plant is underway!  Construction began in November 2015 and is expected to take approximately 18 months.

The plant improvements will occur in three phases in order to keep the plant operating as the new construction occurs.  The first phase involves installing temporary infrastructure and constructing or installing the new Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), Classifier Building, Grit Chamber Facility and Lab Building.  The second phase is the reconstruction of the Aeration Basin, and the third phase is the removal of the existing clarifiers.

Activity from November 2015 to January 2016 included demolition work and installing mechanical piping, plumbing and electrical underground work.  In February – March 2016 contractors continued the installation of the 12″ digester decant line.  They started digging the area to core and lay down the pipe for the plant lift stations and began installation of the MCC boxes in the Administration Building.  Contractors poured and installed concrete for the new grit chamber and fine screen building (Classifier Building).

In April 2016 the new buildings began to take shape.  Contractors put brick on the new Lab Building and poured the foundation for the Generator Building.  The roofs and walls for the Administration Building and Classifier Building were put up and two 8 inch MBR lines to the effluent were laid.

In May, June and early July, 2016 the administration and classifier buildings were bricked and contractors installed the new generator, influent bar screens and grit screens.   Concrete was poured in the influent new flow splitter box and for the foundation and flow inlet side of the MBR tanks 1 and 2.

See the photo gallery below for a look at the improvements in progress.