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The Early Days

Before there was a Town, the area we now know as Trophy Club was originally designed with five MUDs planned.  MUD1 was the original MUD and was formed in 1975.

In the early 1980’s, MUDs 2 & 3 were formed as development began to occur in those areas.  MUD2 was originally the area west of the creek that crosses under Trophy Club Drive near Tom Thumb.  This  included the area known as “Village West” near Lakeview Elementary school and the Church at Trophy Lakes.  MUD3 was the area on the East side of town, between Timberline and Harmony Park.

Building the Community

In 1982, the Partnership that was building the area now known as Solana, located in Westlake, approached MUD1 to request water, sewer and fire protection, as MUD1 had all three capabilities already in place. With agreement from Westlake, Solana was annexed into MUD1 in 1983.

In 1984 the MUDs built the first municipal building at the 100 Municipal Drive complex.  In 1985 they built a fire station at Trophy Club and Municipal Drives to house equipment and provide storage for the Fire Department.



In 1985 the Town of Trophy Club was incorporated and in July of 1990, MUDs 2 & 3 consolidated into what was known as MUD2.  Subsequently, there was an agreement that all remaining land would become part of MUD2 rather than creating any new MUDs.  It was recognized that while MUD taxing districts could be separate, the water and sewer lines and plants, and the fire department were facilities of the community as a whole, and should be operated as such.  In October 2000, the Trophy Club Master District Joint Venture was formed for the purpose of overseeing and running the operations, providing input for both MUD1 and MUD2.

Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1

In 2009 the residents voted to combine the MUD1, MUD2, and Master District, resulting in the current Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1.