Water Wasters Anonymous Report

Complete the form below to submit an anonymous report of recurring violations of the drought or permanent water restrictions.  Please provide a street address, the approximate days and times of the violations, and a description of the problem.  For example, “This address has sprinklers running every morning at 7:00 am.”  or “This address has broken sprinkler heads and waters half the street.”

Please be aware that this correspondence is considered public information and is subject to open records requests.  While this form will not provide us with your name or email address, any other identifying information you provide may not be redacted.

Street Address

The address where the violation is occurring is required for this field.

Date and Time

A date and time that the violation is occurring is required for this field

Description of Violation ?

A description of the problem is required for this field. For example: watering on the wrong day, water spraying over the street, excessive runoff.