Drought Info

Drought Status UPDATED August 14, 2018

The Drought Monitor update is showing the results of all the rain we had across the area over the last week. We are now back to a SEVERE DROUGHT status. The forecast shows we have chances of rain throughout the next week and temperatures in the 90’s. Hopefully, everyone was able to give their sprinklers a break.

Watering Schedule

Only water on your designated watering days and check the Weekly Watering Advice page for how much to water.

Twice Per Week Watering Schedule
Last Digit of Residential Address Watering Days
0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 (even numbers) Wednesday and Saturday
1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 (odd numbers) Thursday and Sunday
Non-Residential Locations Tuesday and Friday
    • No watering is permitted on Monday.
    • No watering is permitted between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on any day.
    • Watering with a soaker hose or drip irrigation is permitted at any time or day except on Mondays.
    • Watering with a hand-held hose or bucket can be done at any time or any day.

Violations of this plan are enforceable in accordance with Section XI of the Water Management and Drought Contingency Plan. These procedures include:

    • Written warning for a first violation.
    • $50 administrative penalty for second and subsequent violations.
    • Disconnection of service for a third violation with a $200 reconnection charge in addition to $50 administrative penalty.

Please contact us or call us at (682) 831-4600 for questions or more information. Residents watering on unscheduled days without a posted Variance Permit are subject to penalties. To report repeated violations of the water restrictions use this anonymous form or call us at 682-831-4600.


TEXAS BURN BANS – Updated August 17, 2018

The Outdoor Burn Bans have been lifted for several counties including Denton County, but is still in place for Tarrant County. Please be aware that conditions can rapidly change and you should always check with your local and county officials prior to conducting outdoor burning.

Denton County regulations

Tarrant County regulations