Public Information

What is a “Request for Public Information” also known as “Open Records Request”?

Requests for Public Information, also known as “Open Records Requests”, are simply requests for information that has been “collected, assembled or maintained” by or for a governmental body. (Government Code, Chapter 552)

State and federal laws allow individuals as well as private companies and government organizations to request for review or copy government documents of a public nature. The District is committed to providing as much public content as possible while safeguarding protected confidential information. If you cannot find the information you seek on this or related web pages please contact the Records Management Officer at (682) 831-4600.

NEW – House Bill 872 -Effective June 18, 2021

The Texas Legislature recently passed HB 872 which includes legislation that makes government operated utilities keep utility billing and customer account information confidential. Previously customers had to specifically request to keep their utility bill private; however, the approval of HB 872 all residential customer account information is automatically kept confidential.  Customers would have to opt-out and fill out a form for the District to disclose their information to a third party.   For more information or to opt-out please contact our office at 682-831-4600.

How do I obtain public information?

Send your request for information to us in writing:


You may submit your request through this online form.

By US Mail:
Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1
Attn: District Secretary/RMO/PIO
100 Municipal Drive
Trophy Club, Texas 76262

In Person:
Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1
100 Municipal Drive
Trophy Club, Texas 76262

By Fax:   (817) 491-9312 Attn:  District Secretary

How do I phrase my request? Is there a special form I should use?

Your request does not need to cite a specific law or statute. The District does provide this form for your convenience; however, a request may be typed or handwritten. It must have enough information to identify the information requested, the requestor’s name and a means to communicate with the requestor (i.e. address, telephone number, etc.) An open records request must be for information that exists at the time of the request.

Will I get all the information I want?

Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 believes in open government and strives to fulfill all open records requests. However, there may be occasions in which information may fall under one of the exceptions allowed by law. Exceptions frequently include confidential information. Some exceptions are mandatory (required non-disclosure) while others are discretionary (depends on circumstances surrounding the document); some exceptions are permanent, while others are temporary. The District will release information that does not fall under the exceptions and will send the excepted information to the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG)  for an opinion on disclosure.

Once the OAG has rendered an opinion, the District will comply. Documents are usually furnished to the requestor within 10 business days. Requests that are voluminous, archived, or that require manipulation may take more time. In such cases, the requestor is notified that more time is needed and a firm time and date for release is set.

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